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Previously wealth management journeys would typically take place in person, either in branch or at the client’s home. Today we realise this is inconvenient for the customer and inefficient for your business.

Partnering with Vizolution, you can achieve a 250% year-on-year growth in income performance, while significantly improving your NPS.

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Visually present materials

Allow your advisors to display visual content to customers on screen during Weath Management meetings.


Collect Documents

Gather and verify customer documents and ID in real-time on a call.


Send Documents

Instantly provide customers with the documents required to complete their wealth journey.

Collect eSignatures

Present agreements to customers and capture their signatures electronically.



Guide customers through your website by jointly viewing and completing actions on the same webpage.


Video Call

Enhance your phone calls with video capability, allowing customers and agents to see one another.


AIB Transforms Wealth Management with Vizolution

Vizolution helped digitise AIB’s Wealth Management journey increasing NPS, reducing costs and remaining compliant.

You too can realise significant KPI improvements by combining the quality of face-to-face interactions with the low costs and convenience of remote channels, allowing your customers to do everything they could in during a face to face appointment.

Key KPI improvements included:

  • Increase of NPS by 13
  • 250% growth in income performance
  • 50% more cases handled
  • 109% non interest target generated
  • AIB had 30% of Top 10 National Advisors

Download the case study and discover how Vizolution
helped digitise AIB’s Wealth Management journey.

Santander Wealth Management Partner with Vizolution

Christian Dalton, Head of Wealth Direct at Santander UK, discusses how using Vizolution’s technology completely transformed the way their business works. Saving time, money and paper all while increasing their NPS to above 80.

Key KPI improvements included:

  • NPS: 80+
  • Improved efficiency with reduced cost
  • Increased advisor diary capacity
  • Eliminate costly and inefficient advisor travel
  • 50% of all ‘New Investment Business’ completed using Vizolution

Combining Agent-Assisted & Self-Serve

Vizolution’s technology allows you to serve your customers through their channel
of choice. Enabling your customers to self-serve at their own convenience, while
initiating agent-assistance for more complex areas of the wealth journey.


Replicate the face-to-face customer experience remotely, by providing your contact centre agents and advisors with the tools to visually display content to customers, exchange documents in real time, collect electronic signatures and help customers co-browse your website, all whilst on a live video call or phone call.


Allow your customers to self-serve where possible with a convenient and highly secure digital portal, where they can progress their cases and applications, upload and download required documents, sign agreements and receive automated reminders of updates and outstanding actions.

7 Smart Strategies to Maximise the Investment Potential of the Mass Affluent

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The importance of being human in a digital world

Purely digital services on their own are proven to transform fulfilment, for example to support Bereavement, Mandate Maintenance, simple admin like change of address, marital status and are perfect to handle transactions.

But as soon as the product or service becomes more complex, customers need advice: Personal Loan, MortgageWealth or Account advice. Selling these financial services without assistance through a purely digital service, is equivalent to ‘selling’ them on a comparison web site – a price race to the bottom.

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