Transforming Wealth Management at HSBC
with Vizolution

In the past, Wealth Management journeys would typically take place in person which would be inconvenient for the customer and inefficient for the business.

By digitising their Wealth Management journey with Vizolution, HSBC UK achieved a 250% year-on-year growth in income performance, while significantly increasing customer NPS. 

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Take a look: see how HSBC UK’s wealth management journey looks when powered by Vizolution’s platform

Watch the demo below to see HSBC UK’s wealth management
journey in partnership with Vizolution

HSBC Transforms Wealth Management with Vizolution

HSBC UK used Vizolution’s technology to develop and deploy a wealth management journey which enabled customers and agents to exchange information and participate in a convenient and efficient remote financial planning session.

You too can realise significant KPI improvements. These will include increasing your income performance and cases handled and outperform financial targets.

Key KPI improvements included:

  • 250% YoY growth in income performance
  • 50% more cases handled
  • 13 point increase in NPS
  • 109% of “non-interest income” target generated
  • 30% of Top National Advisors from AIB
    Remote Division

Download the case study and discover how Vizolution helped digitise
HSBC UK’s wealth management journey.

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With an estimated £180B accumulated during pandemic and more than 60% forecast to be saved or invested, financial services have a huge opportunity to service mass affluent savers as well as high net worth at a lower cost than traditional advisory service delivery.

The challenge you will face is how to retain all the benefits of traditional face-to-face business practices while delivering wealth advice remotely.

Read our Wealth Management eBook to for 7 strategies to win a bigger market share of the £135 billion saved during lockdown

HSBC & Vizolution – our other work together

HSBC’s Digital Fraud Journey

HSBC and Vizolution collaborated to design a digitally enabled Fraud journey that’s quicker, less stressful and more convenient for customers, allowing them to submit their documents and supporting evidence digitally rather than having to go into branch.

Charlie Brett, Head of Infrastructure for WPB HSBC UK, and Craig Taylor, Deputy Head of Fraud Operations for HSBC UK, discuss why Vizolution’s technology “fits perfectly with the bank’s digital strategy” and how the platform is already making a very tangible difference to HSBC’s customers.

Transforming Receivables Finance

Download the case study to find out how Vizolution helped transform HSBC UK’s Receivables Finance journey, by:

  • increasing conversion rates by 300%
  • saving 80 days on average in the customer journey

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