Wealth Management
Case Study

Allied Irish Bank

See how Vizolution helped AIB achieve a 250% year-on-year growth in income performance within remote financial planning 

AIB Wealth Management
Case Study

Allied Irish Bank

See how Vizolution helped AIB’s remote financial planning journey achieve year on year growth in income performance 

AIB partnered with Vizolution to evolve its Direct Customer Financial Planning journey. 

The financial planning journey would typically take place in person, either in branch or at the client’s home, which would be inconvenient for the customer or inefficient for the business. The financial planning process was two-staged:

A fact find – an introductory, information gathering session to understand the customer’s current investments, and how much they can afford to invest going forward.

An investment review – where the advisor would take the client through their advice and recommendations

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AIB used Vizolution’s technology to develop and deploy a wealth management journey which enabled customers and agents to exchange information and participate in a convenient and efficient remote financial planning session.

The journey now combines the quality of face-to-face interactions with the low costs and convenience of remote channels, allowing customers to do everything they could in branch.

Each stage of the process, including terms & conditions, disclosures and signatures are recorded in the audit archive, making the journey fully compliant.

Customer participates in an initial triage Financial Planning telephone call, where questions and processes are outlined

A no-obligation discovery (Investment review) phone call is set up with a qualified financial adviser

Advisor can share financial planning proposal remotely using the platform. The customer can also exchange documents, reducing mail delays

The Impact

The Impact

Download the full AIB
Wealth Management Case Study

Discover how we helped AIB achieve a 250% year on year growth in income performance.

Discover how we helped AIB achieve a 250% year on year growth in income performance.

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