Vizolution All Set for Bank Customer Experience Summit 2019

We will soon be joining leaders from the financial services and customer experience sector at this year’s Bank Customer Experience Summit 2019 in Chicago, to network and strengthen relationships with the North American banking sector.

Held from Sept 23-25, the theme of the annual event is ‘Next Generation Banking’.

There will be an impressive line-up of speakers, including Jeremy K. Balkin, Head of Innovation at HSBC, and Marbue Brown, Head of Customer Experience at JPMorgan Chase.

In an era when digitally minded consumers demand to bank when and how it suits them, financial institutions are increasingly being forced into rethinking the way they do business. As a customer experience technology company, Vizolution helps financial services offer more customer-centric solutions. This means more intuitive self-service journeys, and more visual, efficient ‘assisted’ journeys, where customers can benefit from the qualities of face-to-face experiences, but in remote channels.

Our omni-channel digital suite allows customers and agents interacting remotely, over the phone or online, to share, display, exchange, complete, verify and sign documents as if they are face to face, and works without requiring customers to download any software or apps.

Our CX technology is used by three of the UK’s top telecoms, two of the UK’s top insurers, and one of the UK’s largest media companies. We also work with 3 of the top UK banks, and are looking forward to expanding our North American client portfolio.

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