Vizolution Receives 2 Award Nominations at CCA Excellence Awards 2019

We are incredibly proud to reveal that we have received two separate nominations, in partnership with two of our clients, at the upcoming CCA Excellence Awards 2019, showcasing the transformational impact of our solutions.

The first, in partnership with HSBC, is a nomination for the ‘Best CX Transformation – Inhouse Technology Solution’, for our work in transforming HSBC’s Receivables Finance journey. We have also been shortlisted in the ‘Best CX Transformation Through Technology Partnership’ category, alongside our client and shareholder, RBS.

We won the very same award, alongside O2, at last year’s CCA Excellence Awards, so are hopeful we can once again win this year.

Utilising Vizolution’s vScreen technology, O2 transformed its Renewals and Retention journeys by allowing customers and agents to share, display, exchange, complete, and verify data and documents remotely as if they were face to face.

The CCA Excellence Awards highlight the achievements of individuals and companies throughout the customer service and contact centre profession and is the only peer-judged awards programme in the industry. Over 600 senior customer executives from leading public and private sector brands gathered at this year’s event to celebrate and recognise achievements in service excellence.

Vizolution’s innovative technology helps enterprises streamline their complex customer journeys into effortless experiences by replicating the qualities of face-to-face interactions in their remote channels.

We have won numerous awards with RBS, with our most recent being at the UK Digital Experience Awards. Although we have not yet won any award with HSBC, we have been shortlisted in a category at the upcoming UK Business Awards 2019.

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