The Coronavirus and Why Companies Must Find Smarter Ways to Work

Working through the coronavirus pandemic, while people self-isolate and restrict travel, has forced many companies to finally recognise the importance of offering remote solutions that are as effective as their in-branch/ in-store experiences.

Of course, remote working, shopping, and banking is nothing new. Indeed, each year, billions are spent on digital transformation initiatives in order for enterprises to offer better, more intuitive and ‘human’ online experiences, for both business and pleasure.

Approximately 14% of the UK workforce work from home full time, and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic has seen that figure rise significantly, especially for those working for technology companies. With an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchasing goods online every year, even more are shopping at home. Again, the pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in demand for online retail.

Little wonder, therefore, that a recent survey, conducted by Juniper Research, predicted digital banking users to exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. Online banking has tended to be the preferred channel for simple transactions and processes such as account checking, but now new, innovative technology is also enabling banks to offer more visual, engaging and effortless online experiences for complicated customer journeys, such as mortgage applications and bereavement journeys.

Vizolution technology, for example, enables enterprises to replicate the qualities of face-to-face interactions within their remote channels. Our live-sharing (screen-sharing) solution allows contact centre agents to display product information in virtual shop windows, share documents, verify identity and collect electronic signatures, all during a single remote (online, telephony) customer interaction.

Technology, such as Vizolution’s platform, can ensure that those who are ill, infirmed, or just unwilling to leave their homes, have access to the same services, and the same high-quality customer experience, as everybody else. 

Here, we examine the top five benefits of offering remarkable remote solutions.

Health Benefits – In the event of restricted mobility or illness, being able to bank remotely – and not expose oneself to potentially contagious diseases – allows customers to complete transactions where they want and in the way they want.

Convenience – A major benefit of offering customer-centric CX tech solutions, is that customers can bank or shop however they like, without compromising on quality. Our unique approach to CX tech combines the convenience and low cost of remote solutions with the reassurance of in-person interactions.

Environmentally friendly – There are numerous green benefits to banking remotely and going paperless. For example, RBS, one of our banking clients saves over 8 million sheets of paper each year through its completely paperless, end-to-end Vizolution-powered mortgage application process.

Cheaper – There are also huge cost savings with going paperless. But the savings don’t stop there; imagine, for example, how much a bank could save if Wealth Managers were able to conduct sessions remotely, and not have to outlay on the costs of driving a car to and from clients’ homes.

More effective – Remote journeys are simply less time-consuming and more effective for both the customer and the bank. Just factor in the time savings from not having to visit branches or send documents in the post and using more technologically secure and compliant processes.

The coronavirus epidemic has forced increasing numbers of companies to experiment with smarter and more sanitary ways of working. To find out how our solutions can be used to help you offer better, more engaging and effortless remote customer experiences, click the below button:

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