CX Exchange BFSI: What to Expect at the Event

We sat down with Jack Sweeney, Regional Sales Director of North America, to find out what he was most looking forward to at CX Exchange BFSI.

CX Exchange Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) returns to Orlando, US on October 9. The two-day event will be attended by senior executives responsible for strategic customer experience development and investment, offering a plethora of opportunities for peers to connect through networking, business meetings and strategic information-sharing sessions.

So, this is quite a unique and exclusive event, where every attendee can customise their own itinerary and experience. What are your plans?

Events like these, where so many C-level executives are in attendance, really go to show how the industry has changed and how customer experience has become an established sub-category within financial services.

I think the format at CX Exchange BFSI is great. There are so many conference sessions, Think Tank discussions and opportunities to participate in one-on-one business meetings and innovative networking sessions.

The theme of Day One is ‘Meeting Customer Demands with Digital Innovation, AI and A Cutting Edge Omni-Channel Strategy’, so I’m really interested in what some of the speakers have to say on this topic.

The age-old business mantra of ‘Customer Is King’ is, of course, still relevant today in the online world, so it makes sense that organisations should focus on the customer experience and the customer journey.

Fintech provides a valuable opportunity to add value to operations by being able to offer more effortless and intuitive customer experiences.

I think the opening keynote presentation, entitled ‘Engaging with Today’s Digital Customer’, will very much set the pace for the rest of the event. Digital should certainly be an integral part of any CX strategy, but not at the exclusion of human interactions.

Studies repeatedly show user demand and preference for the ‘human touch’, especially in high-stake transactions that typically require a high-level of reassurance.

The best CX strategy, therefore, is one that is able to combine the convenience of digital, with the reassurance and confidence of human interactions.

Can you talk a little more about the unique opportunities to network and meet with peers at CX Exchange BFSI?

Sure, well there’s certainly an emphasis placed on networking and exchanging ideas at this event. There’s lots of one-to-one business meetings, networking sessions, fireside chats, interactive round-table discussions, and even an interactive networking lunch, on the topic ‘Deliver Consistent Digital Customer Experience to Boost Loyalty’.

I think the financial services sector, in general, is currently undergoing an unprecedented amount of changes, meaning it’s more important than ever for companies to keep up, not only with changes, but also trends, predictions and the ever-evolving demands of today’s customers.

Events like these, where companies, thought-leaders and decision-makers can share insights and opinions on how they see the industry changing and evolving are therefore incredibly important.

Are there any other presentations that you’re looking forward to over the two-day event?

I’m especially looking forward to the series of interactive round-table discussions on Day 2. Mouyyad Abdulhadi, VP Consumer Practices, Digital, Santander Consumer USA will be delivering a talk: ‘Traditional + Digital Channels: How to build a digital customer service programme’, which deals with themes that are at the very heart of Vizolution’s ethos.

The best customer journeys combine a mixture of high-tech and high-touch approaches. When people bank, they value high-touch channels and opportunities for human interactions, especially for sophisticated transactions that require either significant consideration, or the loan or borrowing of a substantial amount of money.

Customers who can complete a journey that combines both digital and high-touch channels not only benefit from the convenience and flexibility of banking when, where, and how they choose, but they are also less likely to drop-out of their customer journey if their customer experience has been optimised for them.

That’s just a few things I’m looking forward to at CX Exchange BFSI. It’s going to be a full couple of days.

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