Go Beyond: Vizolution Joins CX Tech Panel Discussion

Vizolution was recently invited to showcase its unique CX insights at the Future of Service 2019 conference, organised by customer experience consultancy house, Go Beyond.

The annual one-day event was billed as offering ‘Industry Leading Insight On How Human Experience Can Transform Services’ and featured a whole raft of presentations, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions on topics such as Delivering Rapid Service Improvements through Agile; Using Data to Drive Customer-Centricity; and Driving Market-leading User Experience.

As an award-winning CX tech company that enables enterprises to marry the high-touch benefits of face-to-face interactions with the convenience and low cost of digital channels, we were invited to participate in the ‘How Do We Get Service Right In 2020 And Beyond’ panel discussion.

Peter Nicol, SVP of Partnerships and Alliances at Vizolution joined fellow panellists, Dave Pattman, MD CX Solutions, Gobeyond Partners, Helen Murray, Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Webhelp UK, and Jane Griffiths, Global Head, Actelion. The insightful discussion was chaired by TV journalist, Natasha Kaplinsky.

Panellists discussed the importance of getting the right balance between technology and people, how to implement changes successfully, and some of the key things CX tech professionals should be thinking about going into 2020.

Click below for a highlight video from the discussion, featuring all of Mr Nicol’s speaking parts.

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