Vizolution Appoints Grethe Vaughan as Chief Operating Officer

Grethe Vaughan takes on the role of COO to provide the operational foundation for the future rapid growth of Vizolution. Grethe will also be tasked with optimising the operations and delivery of the business to deliver maximum value for clients.

Grethe brings a wealth of expertise to the role with more than 25 years’ experience across operations roles within technology providers including Ericsson, Anite and most recently as Director of Operations for Ascom.

Bill Safran, CEO at Vizolution said “Vizolution has enjoyed exponential growth over recent years and Grethe’s appointment will help us to continue on this trajectory while ensuring we can deliver the best possible product and service to our growing client base. Grethe will play an instrumental role in building an infrastructure that will allow us to scale our business. We are very pleased to welcome her to Vizolution’s Executive Board.”

Grethe Vaughan said, “I am very pleased to be joining Vizolution at such as exciting time as the company continues its growth both in the UK and across new regions. My role is to ensure that once a customer has chosen Vizolution, the delivery of the solution is managed quickly and seamlessly. Putting in place the right foundation will be part of my role to ensure Vizolution can grow and continue to deliver effective solutions.

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