LDC Top 50: Bill Safran One of UK’s Most Ambitious Business Leaders

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution, has been named in the LDC Top 50, as one of the 50 most ambitious business leaders in the UK.

Sponsored by The Telegraph, The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders Awards recognises the resilience, grit, innovation, and perhaps most importantly, ambition of the leaders of UK’s most successful medium-sized businesses.

The listed leaders are business-people who have driven unprecendented levels of growth and introduced new ideas to shake up sectors. Given Vizolution’s success in helping major enterprises within financial services and telecoms to meet and exceed their KPIs, drive revenue and increase compliance, Bill certainly fits into that category.

A panel of judges, including senior figures from industry associations, CEOs and experienced business professionals and commentators will now decide which of the shortlisted 50 business leaders is the UK’s most ambitious business leader.

Speaking with the organisers of the awards, Mr Safran said of his global ambitions: “We’re following our clients around the world right now, and then we’ll start looking beyond financial services. The automotive, pharmaceutical, travel and healthcare industries could all use our technology.”

The winner of the awards will be announced at an event on 9th October.

Read the full interview here: https://www.ldc.co.uk/ldc-top-50/bill-safran

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