NGCX: Vizolution Meets with America’s Top CX Executives

Vizolution will meet America’s top CX executives, innovators and decision-makers at Next Generation Customer Experience (NGCX) in Palm Springs, California from March 25-27.

The three-day event will provide an opportunity to share our unique philosophy that the best customer experience, for both the customer and the business, is one that combines the qualities of a face-to-face interaction, with the ever-connected convenience and low cost of digital channels.

“Customer experience has become the number one business differentiator, so it has never been more important to utilise the very best CX tech. Attending events like NGCX, and meeting with other CX experts and key decision-makers from the financial services, telcos, and utility sectors, is a vital part in our roadmap towards North American expansion in the coming years,” said Jonathan Jewett, Vice President of Sales for North East America.

Vizolution’s presence at NGCX follows closely from our attendance at Future Digital Finance, where shared ideas about innovation in digital banking.

Vizolution’s innovative technology typically helps enterprises to deliver over a 40% increase in sales conversions, 50% reduction in transaction times, high levels of customer satisfaction (>80 NPS), improved compliance and reduced costs.

There will be group discussions, live Q+As, branch strategy executive-only sessions, roundtables and several thought-provoking keynote speeches throughout the conference. Overall themes of each day have been split into ‘Understanding Your Customer’s Current Journey’, ‘Converting to a Customer First Culture’, and ‘Fostering Customer Loyalty and Creating brand Advocates’ respectively.

Follow Vizolution at NGCX at @Vizolution for updates.

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