Vizolution Wins with NatWest at Retail Banker International Awards

Vizolution in partnership with NatWest has won IT Innovation of the Year at the prestigious Retail Banker International awards.

For the IT Innovation of the Year award judges looked at banks that had delivered an IT project on time and within budget that produced measurable productivity gains and reduced costs.

The award recognised the new DigiDocs customer portal for NatWest which was based on Vizolution’s secure, omni-channel document solution vDoc.

DigiDocs is a simple, seamless and secure web based application that allows customers to upload any type of document, any size, from any device (phone, tablet or desktop), anytime 24/7, anywhere at the customer’s convenience.

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution said,

“This is the second award we have won with NatWest for DigiDocs and we’re thrilled that it continues to receive such widespread recognition. DigiDocs has reduced the loan application timeline from an average of 11 days to less than 48 hours, and over 92% customers said they were ‘Very Satisfied’ using DigiDocs. It was terrific to create a solution that offers a positive customer experience and provides quicker and easier access to NatWest products.”

The Retail Banker International Awards, held at the Waldorf Hotel, London, recognise a range of categories both locally and globally.

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