Coventry Building Society Use Screen Sharing for Mortgage Intermediaries

Coventry Building Society has announced that it is using Vizolution’s screen sharing technology vScreen to improve its service to mortgage intermediaries.

Coventry, the UK’s third largest building society, is using vScreen with its intermediary support team to improve communication with intermediaries. Using vScreen enables Coventry staff to explain products and underwriting criteria by a set of visuals as well as the usual telephone call, which supports higher levels of understanding than can be achieved with a call alone.

In the pilot 100% of intermediaries ranked their vScreen experience as good or excellent, while 86% of intermediaries said that vScreen improved the quality of the call when compared to lenders who do not use tools like vScreen.

Bill Safran, chief executive of Vizolution says, “Using visuals provided a much better experience for the intermediary and was a positive way for Coventry to differentiate itself from other providers. In these days of increased competition, it is important for forward thinking businesses such as Coventry to focus on the needs of their customers and to provide them with the best service possible.”

“Furthermore, vScreen patented technology ensured that intermediaries could always join a session with Coventry because vScreen works on all computers, smart phones and tablets. The only requirement to join a session was internet connectivity.”

Kevin Purvey, Head of Intermediaries, from Coventry said “vScreen helps our telephone business development managers to explain complex issues, such as underwriting criteria and required documentation. The use of graphics and other presentation materials made the conversation between our business development managers and intermediaries more engaging and achieved better results.

“What was very helpful was that the vScreen technology sat on top of our own systems so it didn’t need any IT implementation at all, which was an important part of our decision. vScreen was also completely Coventry-branded enabling us to present a consistent look and feel to the advisers.

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