Vizolution to Connect with Top Telcos at Total Telecom Congress

We will be meeting with the UK’s top executives, thought leaders and decision-makers from the telecoms industry at Total Telecom Congress from October 29-30.

Over 1,000 attendees from 400 organisations are expected to visit during the two-day event to network and share insights into the industry. There will also be more than 250 speakers in attendance to participate in roundtable discussions and deliver speeches on themes affecting the telecom industry, including ‘Network Transformation, 5G, and Data Driven Technologies’.

Our award-winning solutions are currently used by several telcoms, in the UK and abroad, to bring about benefits and improvements to both their business operations and their customer experience. For example, Vizolution technology is used to transform the customer experience for O2’s retentions and upgrades customer journey. KPI improvements include a 47% compliance improvement, a 27% customer satisfaction improvement, 20% retention increase, 36% insurance sales increase and a 31% drop-off rate.

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