Vizolution Announce Santander as New Screen Share Client

Vizolution today announced that Santander is to use its screen sharing for business solution, vScreen to enhance the service it offers customers which will be rolled out to 850 staff.

The technology allows advisers to replicate the experience of a face-to-face interview via remote technology at the customer’s convenience, and in a completely secure environment.  It means advisers can show the customer product and regulatory information in real time and the customer can confirm their understanding via a digital signature.  All documentation shared with the customer can be saved securely onto their electronic device for future reference.

Using vScreen technology in Telephone Distribution for credit cards, the customer is able to read, sign and save pre-contractual documents, Consumer Credit Agreements, and regulatory declarations all in real time, without the need for a postal interaction. This results in the card being dispatched quicker, the customer receiving it sooner, and then the card being activated quicker – in some cases in less than four working days.

The pilot, which ran through H2 2013 and focused on credit card applications, saw the volume of customers who decided to actually apply for a card improve by 45% and customers receive their new credit card on average 12 days earlier than with traditional telephone interviews not using vScreen.  Additionally, customers who were asked about their experience of using vScreen gave 98 per cent positive feedback.

Bill Safran CEO of Vizolution said: “Santander is one of the largest banks in the UK with 15 million customers and we are delighted that vScreen is now an integral part of the customer experience they offer. Santander is well known for its innovation and forward thinking adoption of technology in an on-going drive to deliver excellence in every element of customer contact. Their adoption of this new technology shows them once again at the forefront of the industry.”

Glenn Lindsay, Director, Telephone Distribution at Santander said: “vScreen has dramatically improved our customer experience by making the sales process more visually engaging and eliminating breaks and time delays that hamper the non-vScreen sales process.  The bottom line is that the customer gets what they want easier and faster.”

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