Vizolution CEO Bill Safran in Conversation

Vizolution CEO Bill Safran speaks to Boost&Co about industry regulation, technology and streamlining customer journeys.

This week, Bill Safran gave an interview with Boost&Co about Vizolution and the sectors in which we operate. After introducing our suite of omni-channel solutions and discussing our impressive list of enterprise clients, Bill explained why Vizolution is so focused on heavily regulated industries.

“We certainly think we can do a great deal to help businesses in very regulated sectors. They have complicated processes that they have no choice but to go through with customers in order to remain compliant, but that doesn’t always make for an easy customer journey. Our technology can really help them to simplify the experience for the customer as well as provide an audit trail for the business – in that sense, the more complicated the customer process, the more Vizolution has the potential to help.”

Bill also gave his insights into the future of technology. Contrary to what some in the industry are suggesting, Bill suggested that the future was not entirely digital, but rather a fusion of digital and human channels.

“We think artificial intelligence tools have a major role to play in this industry, but also that they’re not going to replace human contact, which is what customers are so often looking for. The most exciting use cases are where there is potential for artificial intelligence to enhance the human operator’s service – tools that automatically identify the next best step for the customer, for example, so that the operator can quickly and professionally talk them through the right choices.

“We’re already seeing the limitations of artificial intelligence on a standalone basis: robo-advice has been around for some time now, for example, but is really struggling to get traction. That’s because people still don’t feel comfortable making what are often emotional decisions without some form of human interaction, so if we can use artificial intelligence to enhance that interaction, that will be very powerful”.

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