Transform your claims customer journeys

Give your customers the claims procedure they expect

Produce a digital journey that accelerates the claims process, aids the reduction of losses and leads the market in customer satisfaction.

Providing help to customers unfortunate enough to need it.

Insurance, in most circumstances, is a necessity. It’s the service consumers begrudgingly purchase because they’ve never needed to claim against it. However, in an instance that can all change and in a lot of cases, customers have no idea what their first step should be.

The claims process requires verification, documentation, and is often an emotional interaction. What’s needed is a calm approach, that gives providers all the information required to rule out fraud and come to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible.

Streamline your claims journey

Our agent-assisted capabilities allow your customers to simply and efficiently notify you of a claim, upload necessary documents, verify identify, and eSign T&Cs in one interaction. Most importantly, if they require support, our platform also gives your agents the tools to confirm policy requirements and deliver peace of mind.

The below provides you with a top-level view of the modules we use to expedite the claims process, remove human error, and ultimately reduce leakage. Enabling you to provide policy holders with an effortless customer experience that reassures them.

Transforming the claims customer journey

This is how your claims customer journey could look  

Here we demonstrate a typical claims procedure utilising our platform and suite of modules. Following a car accident, your customer is able to call you, notify you of the situation and follow your advice in order to make a claim efficiently and speed up the entire process by completing the interaction with ease.

You too can utilise our platform to improve your customers experience with your process by removing pain points. Whether agent-assisted or self-serve, we enable smooth journeys that remove human error, increase convenience and reduce complaints.

Delivering substantial uplift to all your KPIs

25% uplift in conversions

The longer a journey, the more likely a customer is to drop off of a purchase.

By streamlining journeys so that they can be completed often in just one single interaction, our solutions remove the breaks in which customers drop off. The result?

A surge in conversion rates for your business.

75% reduction in overheads 

Inefficiencies caused by mail, document processing and lengthy handling times mean operating costs for businesses are inflated.

By digitising these typical breakpoints or eliminating the need for them entirely, we help our clients to boost efficiency, enabling them to offer maximum value to their customers at the lowest possible cost.

100% compliance, guaranteed

Traditionally, compliance procedures have been susceptible to staff error. Moreover, physically storing customer documents can be both costly and inconvenient.

Our solutions ensure compliance by creating automated workflows that eliminate the potential for mistakes. By collecting electronic signatures and exchanging documentation digitally, there is no need to listen back to calls to check compliance delivery. That means completing paperwork becomes a thing of the past.

90% reduction in transaction times

Lengthy transaction times, both on a journey and individual touchpoint level, benefit no one. Efficiency suffers and frustrated customers drop out in favour of a competitor who can deliver the product or service quicker.

Our solutions reduce transaction times by giving staff the digital tools that enable them to meet the customer need there and then, improving first contact resolution so complex journeys no longer need to span multiple steps and channels.

90+ NPS

Customers are no longer willing to settle for second rate experiences, and organisations that don’t put the customer at the heart of their journey will cause friction and frustration.

By streamlining the sticking points in journeys so they become effortless and flow seamlessly, our clients benefit from happier customers and better brand advocacy over time.

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