Improving Bereavement
with Cruse and Vizolution

Time and effort spent with administrative tasks after losing a loved one can be an added burden on customers.

Partnering with Vizolution, RBS reduced their journey times by 23 days, with customers now on average completing the process in just 4 days.

Supporting: Bereaved Customers First

Vizolution is supporting Cruse’s Bereaved Customers First campaign as they aim to reduce the emotional burden bereaved people are facing when contacting businesses to tell them a loved one has died.

A YouGov survey of over 1,600 UK adults who notified businesses after the death of a family member or friend found that almost a third said it took them two weeks or longer to contact all the relevant companies to notify them of their loved one’s death, of which 12 per cent said it took longer than a month.

Put your Bereaved Customers First

Cruse Bereavement Care is asking for businesses to simplify their process and put their bereaved customers first by putting in place the four ‘P’s’

Plan: Have a written plan that outlines how businesses will treat bereaved customers with empathy and respect.

People: Train staff and make sure everyone who comes into contact with bereaved people knows how to respond efficiently and with understanding.

Process: Streamline your processes and procedures to be simple and pragmatic. Avoid unnecessary steps and repetition.

Paperwork: Ensure your paperwork is easy to follow and only asks for information that is needed. Pass on details of where people can get practical and emotional support.

Bereavement is a key ‘moment of truth’ by which a Bank’s customer experience is judged

Waiting for mail or visiting a branch to submit documentation can delay journeys, and uncertainty around the process or what is required can cause unnecessary stress, leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

Resolving cases in a customer centric way is therefore critical for your customer’s family and for any future relationship with them.

Partnering with Vizolution we can streamline your processes saving time, unnecessary stress and dramatically improving the experience bereaved customers have with their bank during a difficult time.

RBS Transforms Bereavement with Vizolution

Using RBS’s DigiDocs solution, based on Vizolution’s technology, the bereavement notification journey became fully self-service, and able to be initiated via telephony or in branch.

RBS has improved the efficiency of the process, which has led to a dramatic reduction in journey time, from 27 days to 2 days in some instances.

Download the case study and discover how Vizolution helped RBS
deliver a fully digital self-serve bereavement journey

Discover how we helped RBS deliver a fully digital self-serve bereavement notification journey.

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