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Today, collections journeys are often distressing for
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Partnering with Vizolution, you can reduce collections journey times to just 20 minutes while increasing customer NPS to 90+

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Take a look: see how your debt refinancing journey could look when powered by Vizolution’s platform

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Your Collections Process – Agent-Assisted, Self-Serve, or Both

Vizolution’s technology allows you to serve your customers through their channel of choice: enable customers to self-serve at their own convenience, provide agent-assistance guiding customers through the journey, or offer a combination of both.


Replicate the face-to-face customer experience remotely, by providing your contact centre agents and advisors with the tools to visually display content to customers, exchange documents in real time, collect electronic signatures and help customers co-browse your website, all whilst on a live video call or phone call.


Allow your customers to self-serve where possible with a convenient and highly secure digital portal, where they can progress their cases and applications, upload and download required documents, sign agreements and receive automated reminders of updates and outstanding actions.

Santander Transforms Collections with Vizolution

Vizolution helped digitise Santander Brazil’s Automotive Finance Collections journey increasing NPS, reducing costs and remaining compliant.

You too can realise significant KPI improvements. These will include reduced levels of debt write off, increased customer satisfaction at the same time as increased productivity and a reduction in the need for extra FTEs when volume of cases rises.

Key KPI improvements included:

  • Increase of NPS to 97
  • 100% paperless journey
  • 20% increase in conversion rates
  • 500% increase in first call resolution
  • 14 minutes average journey length
    (previously 6 days)

Download the case study and discover how Vizolution helped digitise
Santander Brazil’s Automotive Finance Collections journey.

7 Smart Ideas to Transform Debt Collection and Recovery

Download this customer experience ebook to find out how banks like Santander have revolutionised collection processes

Why you need to act now

As the lockdown measures that were put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 recede, many of the government programmes put in place to support both individuals and businesses are also coming to an end.

The question for lenders is – how can they best prepare themselves for the coming debt tsunami and multitude of customers needing support?

Current debt statistics make for frightening reading and the potential pressure on collections teams is frightening too. Read ‘The debt tsunami is coming’ to find out why acting now is vital.

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