Exchange, verify and
e-sign documents

Exchanging physical documents and signatures remotely can be frustrating.

The journey breaks when a customer has to abandon a website or phone call to send documents in the mail, scan and email them, or visit a branch.

Breaks make the experience frustrating for your customer, who has to manually join up steps and channels to achieve the outcome they want.
Breaks are also inefficient for your business, causing lost sales, inflated costs, rushed compliance processes and erosion of your brand position over time.

vDoc makes the remote exchange of documents and signatures as effortless as face-to-face.

vDoc is a unique self-service portal that enables customers to upload, download, verify and e-sign documentation remotely at any stage of a phone, web or even branch journey, and at a time that is convenient to them. 

No documents to hand? No problem. Complete journeys without repeating steps when a customer doesn’t have the right documents to hand by directing them to vDoc.

vDoc enables you to streamline remote journeys into effortless experiences: creating a central source of customer truth and simplifying journeys so they start and end in the customer’s channel of choice.

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Features & Benefits

Make simple tasks

Automated email or SMS notifications remind customers of outstanding actions and update customers of outcomes.

Make mail delays and
costs a thing of the past

Customers can interact with you digitally, on their own time, without having to wait for an available agent or the inconvenience of email, snail mail or other in-person visits.

Align front and
back offices

Automatic document transfers and workflows allow front and back office teams to review, approve and hand over documents, without a ‘break’ in the process.


You can request and collect electronic signatures building a secure audit trail, ensuring compliance without the need for your front-line staff to read scripts.

vDoc is easy to use

vDoc connects your customers and your agents through the simplest digital technology: a web browser!

vDoc can be agent or customer initiated. A password allows the customer to log into a secure portal, where the document and signature exchange can begin.

Implementing vDoc
is simple

Works first time,
every time

All customers need is internet access. They can use any browser on any device. No problems with firewalls, settings or pop-up blockers. No need to download software or apps.

Sits on top of
existing technology

Complements your existing technology, sitting above your legacy system. This makes it easy to implement and scale, as well as delivering rapid return on investment.

Is proven
and trusted

Robust technology, 128-bit encryption, used and endorsed by industry leaders.

to your needs

Your branding, tailored to your journey requirements.

A key tool in your
omni-channel strategy.

vDoc is designed to work independently or in combination with any other vSuite products.

Whatever your requirements, our products can be configured to your needs,
guided by our expertise in customer journey redesign.

vDoc means happier customers and more value for your business.

vDoc delights your customers with a simple, effortless experience and creates a tangible uplift in your KPIs: fewer remote journey drop-outs, higher sales conversions, lower cost to serve and improved regulatory compliance.

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