A video-conferencing
add-on to the vScreen

Journeys that lack the personal touch can frustrate customers.

Delivering the high touch support customers demand for some journeys can be a challenge in remote channels.

A failure to meet this expectation can cause the journey to break: as the customer drops out of the journey to go into branch or store to speak to someone face-to-face, or abandons the journey all together.

vVid makes remote journeys as ‘high-touch’ as face-to-face.

vVid is a powerful video-conferencing addition to vScreen, that enables customers and agents to see each other while also sharing information on-screen, exchanging documents and verifying ID.

The result is a more personal experience for both customers and agents, particularly valuable when dealing with sophisticated purchases or sensitive service queries.

Features & Benefits

Making interactions as
personal as face-to-face

Video functionality maximises the benefits of human support delivered through vScreen.

Driving branch and store transformation

Host vVid sessions in store or branch to guarantee allocation of specialised staff.

vVid is easy to use.

vVid connects your customers and agents through the simplest digital technology: a web browser!

vVid is initiated as part of the vScreen process. A password allows the customer to join a secure session, where the one-to-one video call can begin.

Implementing vVid 
is simple

Works first time,
every time

All customers need is internet access. They can use any browser on any device. No problems with firewalls, settings or pop-up blockers. No need to download software or apps.

Sits on top of existing technology

Complements your existing technology, sitting above your legacy system. This makes it easy to implement and scale, as well as delivering rapid return on investment.

Is proven
and trusted

Robust technology, 128-bit encryption, used and endorsed by industry leaders.

to your needs

Your branding, tailored to your journey requirements.

A key tool in your
omni-channel strategy.

vVid is an add-on to vScreen, and together can be used in combination with other vSuite products. Whatever your requirements, our products can be configured to your needs, guided by our expertise in customer journey redesign.

vVid means happier customers and more value for your business.

vVid delights your customers with a simple, effortless experience and creates a tangible uplift in your KPIs: fewer remote journey drop-outs, higher sales conversions, lower cost to serve and improved regulatory compliance.

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