NatWest Mortgages
Case Study

See how Vizolution helped NatWest implement the UK’s first
paperless mortgage process

Case Study

See how Vizolution helped NatWest deliver the UK’s first paperless mortgage

In order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce journey times, NatWest set out a radical plan to eliminate paper, postal delays and unnecessary branch visits from journeys.

As part of their vision to ‘serve customers well’, NatWest conducted a thorough examination of their telephony mortgage application processes, and found:

An average application involved 66 sheets of paper, 4 instances of post and at least 1 visit to a branch.

Several significant pain points were identified and found to be inflating costs, lengthening journeys and causing customer frustration.

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NatWest partnered with Vizolution to transform their telephony mortgage journey. Branded ‘DigiDocs’, the new journey used Vizolution’s platform to combine self-serve and agent-assistance.

Journeys were transformed in 3 ways:

Customers could upload, download and electronically sign documents without the need for paper, and mail delays were eliminated due to digital document exchange.

Agents were able to visually display information on the customer’s screen during the advice session, making it easier for customers to understand.

Branch visits were not required as customers could upload a photo of their identification, which was verified by Experian.

Customer sent invitation to the DigiDocs Portal.

Customer uploads required documents via DigiDocs in advance of advice session.

Agents use our platform to hold remote advice session and highlight key information.

Further communication with customer delivered digitally via DigiDocs.

Funds transferred to customer.

The Impact

The Impact

Awards for this project

Awards for this project

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Discover how we helped NatWest deliver the UK’s first paperless mortgage.

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