O2 Retentions
Case Study

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See how Vizolution helped O2 improve customer retention by 20%, reduced drop offs by 31% and improved customer satisfaction by 27%.

O2 Case Study

See how Vizolution helped O2 improve customer retention by 20%.

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O2 partnered with Vizolution with the aim of improving their customer upgrades and retentions journey.

Two key pain-points that were causing customers to drop off were quickly identified:

Customers were often frustrated as they struggled to understand complex bundles.

The verbal reading of compliance scripts was inflating call lengths by 40% and left the potential for agent errors.

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Vizolution deployed a custom vScreen journey to make it easier for O2’s agents to explain products and meet compliance regulations:

Customers were shown a summary of their deal on screen and offered upsell options like insurance, helping them to understand their purchase and encourage completion.

Agents displayed T&Cs to the customer and collected electronic acceptance. This eliminated the need to verbally read scripts, and built an audit trail that proved compliance.

Agent asks
customer to join a
vScreen session.

Agent visually displays
T&Cs, devices, features &
benefits of the proposition.

Deal summary presented
to customer with
confirmation of tariff change.

Agents presents compliance
script visually. Customer
signs electronically.

Agent presents
customer with next
steps and provides
link to online shop.

The Impact

The Impact

Awards for this project

Awards for this project

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