RBS Bereavement
Case Study

See how Vizolution helped RBS deliver a fully
digital self-serve bereavement journey 

RBS Case Study

See how Vizolution helped
RBS deliver a fully
digital self-serve
bereavement journey 

RBS looked at ways it could utilise technology to empower its customers to be able to do more, whilst still being able to offer human assistance when needed.

RBS decided to simplify and improve its bereavement notification journey. Several pain points were identified and found to be lengthening journeys and causing customer frustration:

The journey was a complicated and paper-heavy process that required the customer to either post documents or visit branches.

RBS discovered that 14% of its customers had to return to branch more than once as they didn’t bring correct documents on the initial visit.

An average of five customers per month made complaints regarding missing documents.

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Using RBS’s DigiDocs solution, based on Vizolution’s technology, the bereavement notification journey became fully self-service, and able to be initiated via telephony or in branch.

RBS has improved the efficiency of the process, which has led to a dramatic reduction in journey time, from 27 days to 2 days in some instances.

Customers could access an easy and fully digital process when notifying RBS of a bereavement.

Customers could progress their journey in their channel of choice, while receiving personalised support from knowledgeable and empathic staff.

A seamless gateway to other services was created to streamline customer experience and support for other aspects that take place in the bereavement journey.

Customer notifies RBS of
bereavement via DigiDocs.
Agent identifies customer
and freezes account.

Customer uploads copy
of Death Certificate in
DigiDocs portal, which
is validated by an agent.

Agent prepares condolence
letter, outlining required
documents and next steps.

Customer receives notification
of update and logs into DigiDocs
to sign final agreement
and release funds.

The Impact

The Impact

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Discover how we helped RBS deliver a fully digital self-serve bereavement notification journey.

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