Case Study


See how Vizolution helped Three significantly increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduce customer churn.

Three was on a journey to transform the experience it delivered to customers, aiming to utilise technology to offer a more seamless service to those interacting with the brand.

One area of focus was the Customer Retention journey. Three was keen to work with their existing customers to build a better understanding of their needs, so they could provide an enhanced level of service including. The original retentions journey had two issues:

Three’s sales agents were restricted to voice and chat-bot communication with their customers, which often led to customers becoming confused.

Customers felt overwhelmed by information due to the variety of calling plans and options available, which led to a high-than-expected rate of drop-out.

Three deployed Vizolution’s white-label platform as ‘MyView’ and rolled it out across their Customer Retention journey.

The platform allows retention agents to display information on a customer’s device (mobile phone, tablet or computer), compare offers, product bundles, pricing and then download relevant T&Cs during a single customer call.

Three’s agents now have the ability to demonstrate exactly what they mean to customers during calls, providing added clarity and enabling customers to be fully informed before completing their transaction.

The result was a customer journey that combines visual representation and real-time advice via low cost and convenient digital channels.

Agent asks customer to join a screen sharing session

Agent visually builds a basket, displaying devices, features, benefits and T&Cs

Deal summary is presented to the customer with confirmation of tariff

Customer reads compliance script and signs electronically

Agent presents customer with next steps and provides link to online shop

The Impact

Using our platform Three improved their customer and agent experiences, saw a significant increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), reduced customer churn, and achieved substantial savings.

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Three Retentions Case Study

Discover how we helped Three sizeably increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and make substantial savings.

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